Alternatives to cards: Google Pay. Today, we find ourselves in an era completely dominated by technology. That is why we will increasingly find options in the market with which to replace card payments.

Among these options is Google Pay. This is a payment method that is very convenient and simple to use, since you can make use of it from your own smartphone.

What you need to know to use Google Pay

With it, it will be possible to make payments in establishments, for which we simply need to configure our credit card details. It is also possible to make transactions completely online, as well as to take advantage of services offered by Google or other applications that are compatible.

There is still a large number of users who do not trust this type of payment methods, as they believe that the level of security they have is very unreliable. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that we can configure Google Pay in such a way that the security of payments is as high and effective as possible.

To begin with, the most important thing is to learn about this service. Google Pay is a platform through which it is possible to make online and physical payments from the mobile terminal itself. To do this, you must have a bank account and a Google account to which we can link.

The origin of this payment tool dates back to 2018, as a result of the union between Android Pay and Google Wallet. However, as its own name suggests, the latter would become the successor of the former. The main objective of this tool is to allow to carry out financial transactions from the smartphone itself without putting at risk the money or the private information of the user who uses it.

Making use of Google Pay, it is possible to carry out payments from the mobile itself, and even also from the smartwatch or other android device that has NFC technology. As mentioned above, it is also possible to make online payments through the Google store.

Although at first, the main idea of this tool was simply to be able to make payments via mobile, over time it has been expanding its functionalities to offer a much more optimal and satisfactory experience to its customers.

Currently it is possible to add to the tool boarding passes, coupons, or membership cards, among others, and it is even possible to synchronize the Gmail account itself. With Google Pay it is also possible to send money to other users, and eventually it is planned that the tool will even reach Ebay.

If you want to use Google Pay, it is essential to have a device that incorporates NFC technology, since without it it is not possible to make payments through the smartphone and other devices.