Credit card or virtual card, which is better for online shopping? In an era so dominated by technology, we can make any type of purchases through the network. But, in addition, we have multiple payment methods available, and we can choose the one that best suits our needs and personal preferences.

In fact, there are so many payment methods that there is a great lack of knowledge on the subject on the part of users, who normally tend to use only the option that seems most convenient to them without taking into account whether there are other better ones or ones that provide greater security to the operation. For example, most users tend to use their credit cards as the only option to make purchases on the Internet, without stopping to investigate whether there are much better options.

Online card payments

There is no doubt that making a payment with a card is a very simple task, which practically boils down to entering the digits of the card in the payment method to make the purchase, when in other methods you have to register or fill in much more information and it ends up being a much longer and tedious process.

Therefore, it seems to be very clear that cards are a payment element that will continue to be part of our financial operations for a long time to come. Now, to make our online purchases, we can choose between a conventional card and a virtual one. The choice depends on our needs and the level of security we want in our transactions, among other issues.

In the case of virtual cards, they have a series of pros and cons that we need to know in depth before deciding to use them. They are used exclusively for online purchases, regardless of the format in which our bank provides them. Generally, they are usually prepaid, so every time we need to make a purchase, we will have to charge the corresponding money. This is a very important pro to take into account, since the bank is the one who authorizes the movements made with this card, and in addition we only need to load it for the purchase in question, so that the rest of the time the balance remains at 0.

As for its cons, it should be noted that it works exactly like a prepaid card to use, except that in the case of the prepaid card, it offers the option of making offline payments.

Regarding credit cards, its pros and cons are as follows: one of its biggest pros is that it gives the user the opportunity to use credit, when it should not really work that way. A much more efficient way to make use of a credit card would be through the control of the payments we make, since as we know, the use of credit can generate very worrying debts for our economic stability. As for its security level, the truth is that we are much more exposed with this card than with a virtual one, since it is directly linked to our bank accounts.