Nowadays, the vast majority of users have credit and debit cards. However, not all users know how to make proper use of them, so they end up acquiring a significant debt throughout the year with their bank, a not very pleasant situation for anyone. For this reason, below we propose a series of tips to improve the use we make of our plastics.

The truth is that there is no doubt that most users do not use their cards correctly, since, for example, they tend to abuse credit and end up acquiring a significant level of debt with their bank from which it seems almost impossible to get rid of. In order to make good use of this type of financial tool, we must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

How to take advantage of credit cards

Before signing up for a new credit card, you should find out which one is best for you, taking into account your financial and personal situation. That is to say, if we have found a card that meets our needs, before anticipating to its immediate hiring, we must study carefully the conditions that the entity imposes us to be able to acquire it.

This is really important, since many of them we will not even understand at first, that is why it is better to consult about them to the entity before signing anything, so that they explain everything to us and we have clear to the level that we expose ourselves with this future contracting.

As we have already mentioned, our personal situation is key when it comes to knowing the type of interest we can afford, as well as the late payment commissions we can acquire, the possible associated insurance, discounts… All these aspects must be clear to us before contracting the card, because no matter how ideal it may seem at the beginning, if we have not been properly informed, it is very likely that we will have unpleasant surprises in the future.

Once we are completely sure that the card we have found meets our needs and we can assume the obligations that the entity imposes on us, it is time to contract it. Two very basic mistakes that users often make at such a decisive moment as this is not to ask for a copy of the contract they have signed, nor to sign the card itself.

In spite of the little importance that is usually given to them, they are two very important aspects in case the plastic is stolen or some type of fraud is committed, two events that unfortunately have been increasing in country for years.

Assume few risks with the cards

As with everything in life, it is preferable to take as little risk as possible, and although it may seem impossible that someone will steal the card or commit fraud with it, it is necessary to claim a copy of the contract and sign the plastic itself, since we do not know what problems the future holds, and in this way we ensure that we are well protected.

A widespread mistake in which almost all credit card users fall into, is to live off the credit that the plastic offers them. This is a blunder mainly because of two aspects. The first one is that by pulling the credit, in the end we assume exorbitant costs, since the card has a series of interests to be taken into account. And secondly, it is a financial tool with very little flexibility with respect to non-payments, so it will undoubtedly end up causing an over-indebtedness that is very difficult to assume for any average family.

Therefore, the use of these cards should be moderate and conscious. The user must be properly informed about them, both for better and for worse, so that an unforeseen event does not pose a long-term problem in any case.