How to get a student loan

Many do not know that there are local authorities or banks, which have products aimed specifically at students, and also allow you to obtain a loan without a paycheck.

Other entities are even willing to grant a loan even with non-repayable capital. We look for in which cases, you, a young university student, can request money without guarantees.

Loans for young people without guarantees (or paychecks)

Being young, especially with the crisis we are going through, the difficulty of finding a guarantee or a pay slip to present is very difficult. Thus are born the banks that help, granting loans for their training.

Are you a young off-site university student? Do you need to buy books or other materials related to your studies to study better? No problem, as I said, there are banks that open you a current account in which there will be a certain amount to be used for professional training.

At the end of the journey, you can decide whether to return everything in a single solution, or wait a year (useful time to find a job) and pay the amount in installments so that you can be helped in this regard.

Student loans: useful examples

Have you ever heard of subsidized loans? They are loans in which many millions of euros are allocated, so that a student or an unemployed person can obtain money on loan.

An example that fits perfectly into the aforementioned category is the “Fund for credit to young people”. A project intended to help young university students complete their professional career.

Who can get the youth credit fund? In addition to being between the ages of 18 and 40, you must:

  • Having obtained a high school diploma with a score of at least 75/100, and you must be enrolled in at least one degree course (single-cycle) or three-year university course, and be up to date with taxes;
  • Be enrolled in the third year of the master’s degree, and be in possession of a three-year degree with a score of 100/110;
  • Be enrolled in one of the language courses that last at least six months, and that are legally recognized by a specialized institution;
  • Be enrolled in a PhD (or research) doctorate abroad, and which has legal validity, and a period of no less than three years.

Do you fall within one of the following points described above? Then find out more, and apply for your personal loan.